What are the Options for Loans for Commercial Employees?


Currently there are loans for all those who currently work in a dependent manner but need an extra money to realize their dreams. We present a series of loan options with different characteristics, requirements and amounts so that you can compare and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Of course there are many more options, we will only offer some.

How to be personal loans

How to be personal loans

The main requirement to obtain this loan is to be employed by a private company and collect salaries through the bank.

The money is available for those who want to change their car, equip or make renovations in the house, among many other options.


◈ These are loans to single companies and in pesos

◈ The maximum amount to finance is $ 500,000 and the minimum available $ 1000

◈ The return period ranges between 6 and 60 installments

◈ The loan can be canceled in whole or in part

◈ Fixed and Pesos Rates


◈ As the only requirement in addition to being employed by a private company or college, they must have an income of more than $ 3000 pesos.

The documentation to present:

◈ The DNI

◈ Last received receipt of assets

◈ Proof of a tax or service

There are also some loans to be taken out through electronic channels, through:


Home Banking

Mobile Banking

The money that is credited thanks to these loans is immediately credited to the account of the person requesting the money.


◈ The minimum amount to obtain is $ 7,000 and the maximum $ 150,000

◈ The deadline for the refund of fees is 12 to 60 installments

◈ Can be canceled in full


◈ It is necessary to have a pre-qualification

◈ Have the option available at the ATM, mobile banking or Home Banking.

The Bank of Santa Fe offers loans an extra service , additional for those who want to know the type of loan they could get without moving from home.

It is a loan quote where we must complete some data to know the loan most adapted to the situation:

Within the segment, being a trade employee, we will choose “Employees of companies and private schools …”

● We must indicate the monthly income we receive

● The term in months in which we want to return it

● The amount that we want to request from the bank

● And the amount we would want our monthly installments to have

● And so it is simple we can “Quote” and start to get into the possibilities we have, then we can personally approach the physical branches of the Bank or call by phone for more information. Some of the branches that we can access are:

Another Bank offers loans for employees of commerce. It is about personal loans, in pesos and that they have a free destination: the interested party will be able to do with the money what he most wants or needs.

It is programmed for employees who receive their salaries through the Bank.

What are the benefits of this loan?

What are the benefits of this loan?

They may be renewed once 30% of the fees have been paid, in addition to having a regular behavior in the payment of obligations and be up to date.

The fees will be deducted directly from the account, without the user having to worry or agree to transfer/pay.

They are loans that offer the possibility of early or partial cancellation without extra charges.


They are available to those individuals whose age, at the end of the loan, is not greater than that provided for in the pension scheme.

They may be employees of a permanent or contracted plant within the Public Employment Regulation

People who work as a permanent plant in the public administration

Hired workers who work in a relationship of dependence or by renting services, who receive their salaries through an open account of Banco Nación

Those workers who receive the salaries through accreditation by the National Payments System

Those who wish a loan must accept that:

Their assets are collected through a salary payment contract made with Banco Nación Argentina

They must expressly accept that the loan installments will be debited from the account that is authorized for the receipt of their salaries


The minimum amount of this loan is $ 10,000 and the maximum will depend on:

For clients who receive the salaries at the bank but do not have a salary agreement, the maximum available will be $ 150,000

For those who have a salary payment agreement and Public Administration may receive up to $ 500,000

The deadlines will also depend on each case:

Those who are part of a temporary/transitional plant will get up to 36 months for the return. As well as hired workers who work in a dependency relationship or hired as service providers (Must be at least 2 years old)

They will receive up to 60 quotas who are employees and have agreements for payment of assets as a permanent, temporary or temporary plant, be hired in a relationship of dependence, as service movers (with minimum 2 years old) and employees of the public administration

 Regarding the impact of income, the monthly payments will not exceed 30% of the monthly payments received. This percentage is calculated based on the first loan installment that will be paid in 30 days.