What Loan Options are there for a Young Employee?

In the current economic situation, both young people and adults are faced with situations in which the salary they earn working as employees is not enough for everything they would like to access. Sometimes there are certain circumstances or unique moments where a good investment can be made , change the car or buy one, take a trip, study, among others .

In order to carry out these dreams it is necessary to have extra money that allows us to advance to the next stage.

What is recommended before taking out a loan?

What is recommended before taking out a loan?

◖◗ The main and most important thing is to know in detail our income in order to analyze our repayment capacity . That is to know very well if we will be able or not to return the monthly payment that the loan proposes

◖◗ It is recommended never to ask for more money than necessary . The more money we ask for, the more interest we will pay. That is why it is considered positive to use part of the savings in financing what we want to obtain and complete it with a loan.

◖◗ Compare different options before choosing the one indicated, taking into account the interest rates of each one, if there are opening or management commissions of the accounts, the amortization period that we will have, the amount of the monthly installments, among others.

◖◗ Choose a repayment period that is not excessively long , since it is the factor that usually makes personal loans more expensive.

◖◗ Read all the details of the loan that we are asking for. And although it seems normal, many people do not read the fine print of these agreements.

We see some of the options available for young employees who are looking for cash to achieve their goals:

1- Banco Macro

Characteristics of the personal Loans:

◉ It is an easy and quick loan to take out

◉ There are not too many formalities

◉ Many requirements are not requested

◉ It is valid both for bank customers and non-customers

◉ The maximum amount that we can have is $ 750,000

◉ The term for the return of the same is 72 installments

◉ Fixed rates and in pesos are agreed

◉ It is possible to make an early cancellation without extra costs

◉ The end of them is free and depends on each person.

◉ In case of wanting to buy a car for example there is no pledge and the agreement will be made without the need for guarantors, that is to say, only one signature.

◉ If the loan is for improvements in the home, the interest will be without VAT

Requirements of Banco Macro loans:

◈ Those who have a balance account from $ 4000 can access

◈ Open market for new clients $ 10,000

◈ Open market for Macro bank customers $ 8500

◈ The maximum impact that the quotas may have is 50% of the income in the case of clients with a salary account. The affectation will be 40% for open Market

◈ Can be requested by people between 18 and 84 years old

If you have questions or queries you can contact any of the branches spread across Argentina. The complete list can be found on the website where they can search by address, some of them are:

In Quilmes you can go to calle Buenos Aires 1878

In San Salvador de Jujuy you can go to Av. Perón 11

A contact telephone number is 0810 555 2355 and for those who call from outside 5411 5371 4500

2- Salary Plan of the Mortgage Bank

2- Salary Plan of the Mortgage Bank

When crediting the salary through the bank the user will have different benefits and advantages. Characteristics of the plan:

◉ Get up to 8 salaries thanks to the loan, the maximum available will be $ 500,000

◉ The minimum income per month that users must have is $ 3500, being credited to the bank

◉ The fixed rate starts at 32.50%

◉ The maximum return period is 80 months

◉ They use a French depreciation system

◉ Partial or total cancellation can be done at any time

Requirements of the Salary Plan:

◈ Whoever wants to obtain this loan must be of Argentine or foreign nationality with a residence in the permanent country

◈ The minimum age is 18 years

◈ The minimum monthly income is $ 7,000. If the salary is accredited to the Mortgage Bank, the minimum is $ 3,500

◈ The necessary labor continuity is at least 1 year for independent workers and those who work in a dependency relationship. Those who work in a dependent relationship and are hired need about 3 years of seniority.

◈ It is necessary to present the DNI

◈ A service in the name of the owner, whether it is electricity, gas or telephone

◈ If a bond is incorporated such as being a co-debtor, it is necessary to present a marriage or divorce book as the case may be.